Video & Ads do not play on iOS

Video & Ads do not play on iOS

Postby yooubuzz » Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:32 am

Dear All,

ever since integrating the Advertising plugin videos do not play anymore on iOS devices. They work just fine on
desktop and also play mid-roll-ads. ... utschland/

Here is our code:

<div class="video_inn"><script type="text/javascript">
src: ['mAKkwSdXPQY'],
title: 'DreamHack Leipzig',
poster: '',
engine: 'youtube'
}], {
width: 500,
height: 350,
preload: true,
autoplay: false,
loop: false,
volume: 80,
engine: 'youtube',
//playlist: true,
controls: {
show: 'auto',
hideDelay: 0,
play: true,
playBtn: true,
seek: true,
volume: true,
fullscreen: true,
title: true,
time: true
plugins: {
advertising: {
title: 'Advertisement',
timerText: 'Your video will play in %time% s.', // %time% replaced with counter
servers: [{
apiAddress: '' // Ads server url returning VAST .xml
schedule: [{
position: 'mid-roll',
startTime: '00:00:15'
skipAd: {
enabled: true,
timeout: 5,
text: 'Skip'
fallback: function() {
// If Ad Blocker enabled or otherwise advertising can not be served
logging: false
</script><span class="vid_credits">These are video credits.</span></div>

Can anyone please help to solve this issue?

Appreciate it very much!!

Best, Mario
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