A Real Good HTML5 / FLASH Web Video Player

Video / Audio • Inbuilt RTMP / HTTP streaming • Lightweight • Fully customisable

The one!

Codo Player is the only player so versatile to contain

HTML5, FLASH and YOUTUBE support via the UNIFIED setup, API and user inteface

It solves the video support mismatches to give the player a consistent look and to reach the maximum audience

Quality built and highly configurable, yet lightweight and simple

Suitable for websites, blogs, online TV channels, e-commerce pages, ... video apps

Enrich your product identity with a custom professional web media player!


Fluid layout design

If no size is set, player resizes filling the area of the parent container

Native fullscreen

True HTML5 fullscreen mode for all platforms to support consistent look

Smart playlist

Mix media formats to contain your video and music in a single playlist

Fully extendible via API

Fit the player to your business model by creating additional logic around it

Few examples