A Prime HTML5 FLASH Web Video Player

HTML5 FLASH video audio

Supports all major web media formats via the HTML5 with a seamless fallback to FLASH

Cross browser/device

Works well with desktop, tablet and mobile to achieve the maximum audience (IE8+)


Auto adjusts the size to fit the parent element, therefore looks great on any layout

Unified Interface & API

Combines multiple platforms (HTML5/FLASH), provides a unified interface for programming


Stores clips in a playlist for an inline play and provides API for clip programming


Offers a set existing helper tools and an ability to create your custom modules

Lightweight. ~50KB only

Library independent, contains into a tiny single script file. Requires a minimal count of HTTP requests. Perfect for a high traffic websites caring about the load performance.

White labelled. Highly customisable

Comes in a minimal and clear looking style to suit every occasion. A good starting point that can be easily extended via the CSS.

Programmable. Rich API

Provides a rich API with settings, methods, cuepoints and callbacks to fit the player to any business model by creating additional logic around it.